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Sales information

One can order our products directly at the company's headquarters in Vrbas or through authorized distributors. Users must comply: legal entities, registered for retail or catering and service activities.

A specific product packaged in cardboard packaging of six standard products of 1 L, 0.75 L, 0.5 L or 0.25 L. The cartons are further packed on standard euro pallets and distributed with their own or our means of transport.

For foreign buyers: a complete foreign trade institute of export-import customs clearance and dispatch of goods in the indicated country provided of the buyer. In the territory of Serbia: For individuals representing a new target group in the development of sales. Provide online payment and distribution institutes using the m-banking application or a delivery note. Where, direct payment after delivery to the indicated address, the payer for the ordered goods. If in the indicated, we do not have an authorized distributor or the order is less than one standard carton.

Online product retailing uses products and various commercial bank applications. Introduction of the ability to pay and use automatic ordering via mobile phones, using a classic payment institute through a suitable mobile application. After registration of payment to the indicated RAJAL DISTILLERY, current account by the individual(s), and distribution of the product continues through authorized sales managers, authorized distributors or through the organized existing door-to-door courier network.

Company information


Address: Sivč Jovgena bb, 21460 Vrbas

Major activity: 1101 – Destilacija, prečiščavanje i mešanje pića

Identification number: 21086444

PIB: 108882218

Current account at INTESA bank:

Responsible person: Stevan Bobić i Miloš Mijatović

Phone: +381 21 790088



Distribution of products on the Serbian market is mainly in cooperation with wholesale and retail facilities and through authorized distributors. Since this year, an established branch of RAJAL DISTILLERY is responsible for the distribution of TT channels, with sales managers, logistics managers and field sales representatives. It is equipped with a new fleet, adequate supply vehicles and modern IT technologies.

In addition to domestic sales, RAJAL DISTILLERY is an exporter of its products to the countries of the region (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria), as well as in European countries: Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Austria, and Germany. The intention is to expand the markets of Russia, Ukraine, Kuwait, USA, Canada and Australia.


The marketing strategy is based on the global labor market that has generated the need to profile contemporary market access. Leadership being part of the process maximizing the company's profits in the local, regional and global markets. The vast amount of information and products lead to the intentions and inferences of individual companies. The global financial market and financial institutions aim for the fast, efficient and simple flow of capital, services and goods, maximizing profits, and reducing transaction and distribution costs. This imperative imposes an important role of marketing within the company. The proposal of a motivational role created for the factors of coordination and animation on the market to aid the rapid and dynamic development of information technologies. Its marketing is quite complex, demanding and implies, the ability to motivate and animate potential customers. Increasing competition in the market and reducing transit costs, margins and the emergence of e-commerce further emphasizes the role of managers in marketing. The goal is to subordinate the company's business activities to potential buyers in a more flexible and efficient way. The advantages of marketing in the e-commerce system relate to process automation, cost reduction, simple and inexpensive access to the wider marketplace with effective communication with customers - Internet users with affordable range of products. An added bonus of efficient shopping time and great savings.

Therefore, the role of manager in marketing is a significant one. A purpose to seek position on the regional and global market is extremely important. It requires continuous activity in the field of upgrading and modernizing ones’ knowledge. Specifically, studying new technologies and having the access to product market, capital, customers and work. Additionally, encompassing innovative information in the field of communication, relations with employees and PR. RAJAL DISTILLERY adopted such a modern approach to this scientific paradigm. Currently being organized, a campaign to release multiple facts about the product line through the IT sector.



Quince brandy 1 L 10 EUR
Apricot brandy 1 L 10 EUR
Pear brandy 1 L 10 EUR
Quince Liqueur 0,7 L 10 EUR
Apricot Liqueur 0,7 L 10 EUR
Pear Liqueur 0,7 L 10 EUR

Note: Instruction for payment will be send ( swift code, bank account ..Etc.)


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