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The controlled quality of our products is strictly by the relevant line ministry. In accordance with the positive legal regulations, the Food Safety Law, the Law on Wine and Brandy and the Rulebook on Categories, Quality and Declarations of Brandy and Other Alcoholic Beverages, as evidenced by numerous certificates issued by competent institutions and accredited laboratories.

The good image of RAJAL DISTILLERY is due to the clear identity, quality work and good interpersonal relationships. By continuously improving their knowledge, applying the new technologies and ways of organization RAJAL DISTILLERY achieves top quality production. Evidenced by the IFS Food standard certified by ISA CERT.

By complying with the requirements of this standard, the company's orientation confirmed to meeting customer and consumer demand additionally with orientation towards continuous improvement of product quality and safety. The introduction of HACCP certification system is under way, which guarantees the application of good manufacturing and hygienic practices in the production process.

In order to monitor the new trends in the processing industry and to offer top quality products to its consumers, RAJAL DISTILLERY has been upgrading the range of products from the LIKERA Fruit Group by purchasing new production lines.

Business policy: RAJAL DISTILLERY is the production of high quality and aromatic strong drinks. Using its own technology, tradition, recipes and knowledge, modernization and rationalization in all aspects of business. As well, undertaking measures for environmental protection.

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