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Brandy and Liqueurs

Quince Brandy


Our most famous and best-selling brand in the region, recognized by brandy lovers for its quality and specific taste and aroma. Brandy from the quince is prepared from the best quality fruits of the “Leskovcanka” variety. The jealously preserved recipe for centuries include specific technological procedures such as boiling at a controlled temperature, distillation, and addition of spring water from large depths.

"Rajal" quince brandy is on the market in specific glass bottles of 1 L, 0.7 L, 0.5 L or 0.25 L.

Rakija dunja
Rakija kajsija

Apricot Brandy

The award winning apricot brandy has great significance and demand in the local regional markets including the EU markets. Produced by six varieties of apricot fruit from several areas of cultivation makes it top quality in aromas. It is drinkable, with a content of 42 vol. percentage alcohol. Quite the challenge for lovers and consumers of good quality brandy.

"Rajal" apricot brandy is on the market in specific glass bottles of 1 L, 0.7 L, 0.5 L or 0.25 L.

Pear Brandy


In accordance with the Law on brandies, Viljamovka is the only fruit brandy with its standardized name. Under Viljam meaning, every brandy obtained from the pear variety.Our Viljamovka is more versatile than similar industrial brandies. This confirmed by many quality awards. The manufacturing of this brandy renders to special recipes and has an extension of range from the already known quince and apricot brandy."Rajal” brandy from the Vlijam pear contains 42 vol. % alcohol, pleasant taste and aroma.

"Rajal" Viljamovka is on the market in specific glass bottles of 1 L, 0.7 L, 0.5 L or 0.25 L.

Rakija viljamovka
Likeri Dunja, Kajsija i Viljamovka
Likeri Dunja, Kajsija i Viljamovka

Quince, Apricot and Pear Liqueurs

Fruit Liqueur with Honey

Rajal liqueurs from quince, apricot and pear are our latest brand of top quality alcholic drinks. Top choice for taste and top choice for cocktails. Our product quality and demands exceeded all expections within the regional market.

The precisely created liqueurs utilize a prescription older than two centuries ago. Passed down from generations the technology and recipe withhold a special essence that comes from a basic ingredient, honey from the Banat deserts. After years of continuous testing and adjustments, we managed to harmonize all the necessary flavors and aromas to a science. We managed to capture a unique alcoholic beverage for this area.

"Rajal" Liqueurs is on the market in specific glass bottles of 1 L, 0.7 L, 0.5 L or 0.25 L.

About Us

RAJAL DISTILLERY DOO VRBAS is a part of a successful business system of cooperatives and producers of quality fruit and retail chain throughout Serbia and the surrounding region. Registered in the SBRA as - Company for distillation, purification and mixing of beverages. It is one of the leading producers of brandy and liqueurs.

RAJAL DISTILLERY is located in Vrbas, where production, packaging and distribution of products are organized. The production program and assortment allocates specifically to the types of distilled fruits, technologies and recipes. Only the finest domestic fruit enters RAJAL’S DISTILLARY. By investing in modern processing plants, RAJAL DISTILLERY slowly becomes the leader in the domestic market from the point of production to the distribution of domestic brandy/liqueur.

Tradicija slika
Tradicija slika

Production by traditional technology

Including other alcoholic beverages, the production and distillation of brandy in this region have a long tradition of passing down the recipes and technology through generations. By doing so, allowed each generation to enrich the final product, known today. Today the rakija "Rajal" is recognizable by its exquisite taste and resonant aromas.

For centuries guarded: the production, recipes and the technological procedure. Explicitly so, the taste is obtained. The careful calibration in the temperature captures the technology, which is the actual function of the recipe itself. Consumers throughout the region know our brandy and liqueurs for their characteristics of perfection.


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Medals and Awards


RAJAL DISTILLERY took part in numerous domestic and international food and alcohol fairs. For instance, the international fair in Vienna and Budapest participation was part of its business policy. Where presented, at the last international fair in Hungary, RAJAL a bronze award medal for quality.

Mission and Vision

Our basic philosophy is to offer the best products to the market - alcoholic beverages, made from the legendary fruits and family recipes. Our goal is to satisfy the hedonist's pleasures in the global market.

In the image of a trusted business partner, respected co-worker paired with good hosting skills RAJAL DISTILLERY consists of superior relationships with high-level product qualities. The professional attitude, strong and consistent employees reveal the true heart of RAJAL’S attributes.

RAJAL DISTILLERY aims to position itself on the regional and global market. It is competitive by quality and price of the world's best alcoholic drinks, which it certainly deserves and represents an imperative in the coming period. Our mission and vision based on efforts to maintain a competitive edge over other manufacturers in the region as well as maintaining the loyalty of our long-standing consumers and the demands of new markets in the EU. Our vision is strong and clear. It mobilizes the energy of all employees for whom the feeling of unity and pride in working in the family environment is comparable to home. The outcome is the highest quality of our products.

In that sense, we strive to introduce new technologies in production and distribution. A fully automated software monitoring process of production and distribution. The production information system of the company goes through several stages of integration and transformation. In the first phase, the material resource-planning module is to expand and integrate with modules that accompany other production resources.

In the next stage of integration, the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) concept was developed. The main goal of which is to integrate all the departments and functions of the company into one IS that meets all the company's needs. The final integration phase refers to the integration of ERP software with the ET applications. Approving, the big expansion of the Internet in recent years has provided great opportunities for the development of electronic commerce. It is our intention to provide the opportunity for as many consumers to have access to our products in the most convenient way.


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